DP Seals Environmental Policy Statement

In line with the purpose and context of DP Seals Limited and its strategic direction, the company is committed to the concept of reducing to a minimum any actions that have an adverse effect on the environment. It supports this commitment by operating an environmental management system to the requirements of ISO 14001.

申博体育In conducting its business, it aims to prevent pollution; fulfil its compliance obligations; and to save natural resources by operating in the most environmentally efficient and friendly way and by recycling and reusing where practical.

This commitment extends to all areas of its business. It further aims to continually improve and enhance its environmental performance to safeguard the quality of the environment, both locally and globally.

Legislation and regulations – All applicable legislation and regulations are adhered to always and it is DP Seals Ltd policy to keep up to date and implement the requirements of all new environment legislation.

Management responsibilities – The directors and managers are responsible, both individually and collectively for communicating to all employees the environmental needs of the company and for implementing the environmental policy.

Local requirements – It is the aim of D P Seals Ltd, irrespective of any regulations or legislation to be a good neighbour and to reduce to an absolute minimum any environmental problems.

Review of environmental policy, objectives and targets – Objectives and targets are set and along with the policy, are regularly reviewed by means of environmental auditing, non-conformance control and management review processes.

Communication – This policy is supported by environmental objectives and subject to periodic review to ensure continuing suitability. This policy must be understood, implemented and maintained by all staff.

The environmental policy shall be made available to interested parties.


Approved by申博体育 : A Piper – Managing Director

Dated : 10th February 2020