DP Seals Quality Policy Statement

In line with the purpose and context of DP Seals Limited and its strategic direction, the fitness for purpose of the product and quality of the service we provide to our Customers is of the utmost importance to our success.

Our customers expect rubber mouldings and rubber to metal bonded components in natural and synthetic polymers to continually meet their contractual requirements including product quality and safety and on-time delivery and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

It is the declared policy of this company to achieve and maintain a consistent standard of quality for our products. The attention of all personnel is drawn to this aim and they are expected to follow the quality procedures set out in this manual.

The quality engineer will be responsible for ensuring all personnel are made aware of the contents and changes to the manual appropriate to their area of responsibility.

Satisfactory achievement of this objective will depend on the determination of all personnel, but the reward will be satisfied customers, confident in the knowledge that orders can be placed with the company thus assuring all our futures.

To achieve the above, we have implemented a quality management system to comply with the requirements of AS 9100 and ISO 9001 and meeting customer, statutory, and regulatory requirements which has as its main aim, to continually improve the effectiveness of the QMS, the product and service provided.

This policy is supported by measurable quality objectives and subject to periodic review to ensure continuing suitability.

This policy must be understood, implemented and maintained by all staff.

This quality policy shall be made available to interested parties.


Approved by申博体育 : A Piper – Managing Director

Dated : 10th February 2019